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Get Your Art Photographed


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Whether you are an artist looking to document your portfolio, preparing for a gallery show, or simply looking to create high-quality images for promotional purposes, this event is for you. Your artwork photos are adjusted for lighting and color correction, to ensure that your artwork is accurately represented in the final images.
This event is open to all artists, regardless of skill level or medium. Bring your paintings, sculptures, drawings, or any other artwork that you would like to have professionally photographed. Each participant will receive digital copies of their images, which can be used for online portfolios, promotional materials, or print reproductions.
Reserve your time slot and bring in your artwork to be photographed while you wait. Your finished digital file can be emailed to you or pick it up on a thumbdrive for $5 additional. (Multiple photos can placed on the same drive).

Your Instructor

Jay Pierstorff

Jay Pierstorff
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