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Jay Pierstorff  

Professional Photographer, Jay Pierstorff has spent over four decades in photography including portraits, weddings, commercial and industrial images in both still and video. 

Today, Jay helps people improve their photography and digital image editing with a number of popular classes geared for photo enthusiasts of all skill levels, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute.    

Originally born in Idaho, Jay lives year-round in Tucson, AZ. Jay specializes in teaching digital cameras and media as they bring new power and possibilities to image making.

 Jay’s classes take advantage of the “learn by doing” approach. The Desert Museum provides many unique opportunities for photo enthusiasts to practice their craft while taking classes at the Art Institute. 

Jay has experience as a professional photographer, videographer, photographic retoucher, photo lab, sound reinforcement & audio recording technician and professional musician. He brings many traditional skills to modern, digital processes. Jay graduated from the Glen Fishback School of Photography in Sacramento, CA and learned photo retouching at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

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