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Flying Caracara's Sequence


Flying birds and other fast moving subjects are hard to photograph. Here's how to do it with a Dot Sight added to your camera accessory shoe.

Dot Sighter 1 3300.jpg

Dot Sighter Compact

The Dot Sighter Compact has  a flip-up viewfinder and installs and removes quickly without having to recalibrate. A single dot reticle turns on when the lens is flipped up and off when flipped down. Weighs less than 4 ounces and easily fits in your pocket or gadget bag. Simple to use, fast to set up.

Comes assembled and tested with the tools for calibration, case, lens cover, CR2032 battery  (pre installed), and a spare battery.

Dot Sighter Standard

The Dot Sighter Standard is the workhorse of the Dot Sighter family. The Standard has a large open lens with both red and green dots to choose from, and selectable reticles, dot, circle with dot/crosshairs, and circle/dot/crosshairs combo. Fully assembled, weighs less than 5 ounces. Simple to use, fast to set up and and does not need recalibration each time when reinstalled.

Comes assembled and tested with tools, a lens cover, CR2032 battery (pre installed), and a spare battery.

Dot Sighter-4.jpg


The Dot Sighter Connector is a for creating a custom dot sight with a device of your choice.

The Connector lets you use any dot sight you prefer.  Available in three sizes, Compact, Standard and Long, these adapters will let you connect most popular dot sights of your choice.  Simple installation, calibrate once, and you are ready to get some great photos. You can order the connector separately, add your own dot sight and get started.

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