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Intro to Airbrush


9AM – 2PM

Whether your interest is painting models, t-shirts, posters, signs or fine art, cake, and food decorating or even make-up application, the airbrush is a unique tool. Think of it as spray paint with the ability to use water-based paints, mix small quantities of custom colors and apply with more variety, detail and control than a “rattle can” could ever hope to. Class includes your own airbrush and rechargeable mini compressor starter kit.

In this introduction to airbrush class, you will learn the basics of airbrushing, including how to use an airbrush and compressor, how to mix and thin paint, and how to control airbrush pressure.
This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to use airbrushing as a tool for creative expression. You will start by learning basic techniques such as painting gradients and applying stencils, and then progress to more advanced techniques such as masking and freehand airbrushing.

By the end of this class, you will have a strong foundation in airbrush basics and beginnings of the skills necessary to create unique and beautiful artworks. Join us and unlock the potential of the airbrush as a medium for your creativity.

Your Instructor

Jay Pierstorff

Jay Pierstorff
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